Hey everyone!

My name is Jessica Felts. If you are familiar with me, you’ll probably know me for my blogs Jessica Wears Pearls, The Diary of Jessica or Fashion Faked. I also have a few other blogs, and a professional website: www.JessicaFelts.com. I love to write and I love fashion, so I figured I would make (yet another) fashion-centered blog.

The reason for me making this particular blog is the fact that I am currently in an English class at University, and have to maintain a blog for the semester. Since I couldn’t figure out which of my established blogs I wanted to use (and since all of the blogs listed above are maintined on Blogger), I needed to come up with something new.

The good thing about this English assignment is that we can blog about whatever interests us, and since Fashion Week is currently going on (September 2012), I have reall been in he mood to create a site that isn’t like the others. For instance, Jessica Wears Pearls is a personal syle blog (a little too personal for a school blog, I believe); The Diary of Jessica is a personal diary, and though it would have worked, it just didn’t seem right; Fashion Faked is another good fashion blog, but I tend to post things that are from Pinterest or Celebrity-Centered and how to get those looks for less. Nothing really fit what I was going for.

My Haute Blog is going to be about the Fashion World as a whole – for instance, I am subscribed to Women’s Wear Daily, I will always have things to write about and like I said, with the seasons chaning and Fall collections coming into the store, I will never get bored!

I hope you enjoy the content, and keep on reading!

Remember to subscribe, it’s Haute!

xo, Jessica.


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